Promoting Autism Awareness
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The Autistic Spectrum


The domain hosts a number of autism-related websites by individuals and organizations.


A GREAT website by Richard, a dedicated Dad who makes Autism buttons, magnets and keychains. He has a super selection to pick from. He fills special orders and the prices are VERY reasonable and he's most pleasant to deal with. :)

Autism Advocate Website ~ For the past six years Bill Davis has been educating parents, emergency responders, retailers, hospital workers and countless others about the affliction called "autism".

StarThrowers is a cooperative organization of parents who are working together to raise money for the medical and educational treatment of their kids with disabilities. Click here to find out more.

The National Autism Registry(NARY) was founded in 1999. Two cards are offered that can be used when encountering certain problematic situations for autistic people: waiting in line and behaviors. Registration and cards are free. Click anywhere on this text to be taken to the website.

You can make your own cards to carry (for you, family, caregivers, etc.) to briefly explain Autism to strangers.  Avery Ink Jet Business Cards ( #27881) can be found at any major office supply store for anywhere between $7 and $9 for 150 cards (10 cards per sheet). You can put any website at the bottom as a reference or the number to the Autism Society which is 1-800-3AUTISM.
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Side One:
Puzzled by my child's behavior?? It's not boldness nor lack of discipline! My child is Autistic.......
Side Two:
Autism is a life-long neurological disorder that prevents proper understanding of what a person sees, hears or otherwise senses.  People with Autism often become confused and respond inappropriately in social situations.  1 in 166 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.
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Our son/daughter has Autism, a severe language and behavior disorder. S/he sometimes becomes confused, disoriented, or upset and may throw temper tantrums or scream. We are committed to teaching him how to function in the community and would appreciate your patience and understanding. If you would like to learn more about Autism, please contact the American Autism Society at 1-800-3 AUTISM or see the website below: [insert the website of your choice]
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This young person has Autism [or Asperger Syndrome].  Autism is a developmental disability tha affects social and communication skills. People with Autism tend to behave in an odd and unpredictable way as a result of their disability. Please help us by being understanding and showing tolerance.
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You noticed my child's behavior. I noted your behavior. We're try to modify his/hers.  Please modify yours.
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To make your own ribbons, cut a 6" piece of ribbon, fold in half length-wise and glue. Shape it as seen in the ribbon here, glue some more and then add a puzzle piece or gem to the front. Glue the pin fastener to the other side and you're done. The puzzle ribbon is manufactured by Offray and is sold at Jo-Ann's Fabrics. The stock number that Jo-Ann's uses is 2877470. The name the manufacturer has on it is JIGSAW 5;the number is 131271 by C.M. Offray & Son, Inc. It comes in 10 yard bulk and it is 7/8" or 23mm wide. The fasteners and gems are also available at Jo-Ann's. You can get the puzzle pieces by purchasing small pieced puzzles and painting them in a variety of colors.

This site was started by Danielle Burton-Sarkine (Senator Dan Burton's daughter). All profits for the "Hear My Silence" CD go for Autism research. Click anywhere on this text to visit the site.

I Love Someone with AUTISM! Promote awareness and advocacy for AUTISM. Find apparel, bags, mugs, mouse pads, and more. Half of the proceeds from the store will be donated to the Autism Society of America.

Here are some of the items at the Unlocking Autism Website for sale. Proceeds go to Autism Research. Unlocking Autism was founded primarily for the purpose of increasing awareness. Click anywhere on the text to be taken to the site.

"Beyond The Wall" by Stephen Shore
Bernard Rimland Ph.D., director, Autism Research Institute says: " unusually interesting, well-written and insightful autobiographical account of the life of a person with high-functioning Autism/Asperger Syndrome."

Handcrafted Angel Pin
Includes a Swarkovski crystal (choice of birthstone)

The Autism Society of America (ASA) was founded in 1965 by a small group of parents working on a volunteer basis out of their homes. ASA is dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism, their families and the professionals with whom they interact. A portion of the proceeds from product sales will support ASA's work to provide information and support to individuals with autism and their families, and promote greater autism awareness among the general public and professionals. Shown below are just a few items available for purchase.

ASA - Key ring- Building Brighter Futures Together Acrylic Key Ring #52(2 3/4" x1 7/8")


ASA Bumper Sticker - #57 (9 3/4" x 2 1/2")


ASA bumper sticker #51 (7 1/2" x 3 3/4")


Special Child is an online publication dedicated to parents of children with special needs, provided by The Resource Foundation for Children with Challenges (RFCC), a nonprofit charity organization. Click anywhere on the text to be taken to the site.


Silver Ribbon Lapel Pin is high-quality, shiny silver metal and is 1 inch in size.


Awareness T-Shirt in Adult and Child Sizes in white 100% preshunk, heavyweight cotton. Saying on shirt says: "We All Draw Rainbows With the Colors We Are Given".

Autism-Illinois This site has pins, buttons, t-shirts and cookbooks.

Moms On A Mission For Autism ~ Site with lots of info and items for sale to raise Autism awareness.


The Autism Recovery Network (ARN) is a biological support group for families and professionals in Florida dealing with autistic spectrum disorders such as ADD, ADHD, PDD, PDD-NOS, Aspergers, HFA and Autism.


The pins are 2 1/4" round and the bumper stickers are 3" x 12". Autism Recovery Network gave $3500.00 to the Autism Research Institute from the sales of these items in 1999. Further sales benefit the ARN. (Sorry, no picture of bumper sticker available at this time.) Click anywhere on this text to be taken to the website.